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RSS the New Communication Tool for Financial Services February 7, 2006

Posted by Bill Rice in Financial Services, Identity Theft, RSS, Secure RSS, technology.
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The combination of simplifying the use of RSS, securing and personalizing RSS feeds will change the way financial services companies communicate with their clients.

Email is out, spam has killed it as an effective and reliable way to communicate in the virtual world. RSS is a more reliable and less obtrusive way to keep client up-to-date on their accounts and services.

And mark my words: it will become the answer to identity theft!


Lead Management Reading List February 6, 2006

Posted by Bill Rice in lead management, reading list.
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This is the introduction of the Lead Managment Reading List. This is the latest implementation of OPML to create managed “Reading Lists” as conceived by Dave Winer.

Task complete.

Presentation Zen: Lessons from the Cluetrain: Imperatives for presenters February 5, 2006

Posted by Bill Rice in mortgage, new media, presentations.
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Presentations meet The Cluetrain Manifesto–when you are talking to humans, talk like a human. Notice I also highlighted this point in my quip on Mortgage Blogs.

Lead Management & Lead Generation Reading Lists February 5, 2006

Posted by Bill Rice in lead generation, lead management, reading list, technology.
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Note to self: Make, test, and publish two reading lists–1. Lead Management & 2. Lead Generation. Here is how from Dave Winer.

Micro Persuasion: Bye Bye Email Marketing, Hello RSS February 5, 2006

Posted by Bill Rice in mortgage, technology.

I wonder if this would be a viable idea for financial service account servicing. I suspect we would need to wrap some security around RSS (unless there is something out there I don’t know about) and we would need to set-up custome RSS feeds per customer account, but this is very interesting.

BeyondVC: Successful offshore practices – let them work on your crown jewels! February 3, 2006

Posted by Bill Rice in politics, technology.
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Is it effective to offshore complex software engineering projects?

Beware of Your Customers Innovating without You February 3, 2006

Posted by Bill Rice in new media, technology.
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Customers will find ways to do things. If you fight the trend, and the value is compelling enough, you will lose.

Create a reasonable and intuitive business model and you will grab market share. Continue fighting and you will lose market share.

Most Mortgage Blogs Miss the Point! February 3, 2006

Posted by Bill Rice in mortgage, new media.
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This has been my industry for the last number of years–innovating technology solutions to simplify the process. So, I must say I am frustrated by my inability to evangelize the right way to enter the conversation. This is an embarassing example of not getting the point. Very surprising from a company that is a marketing machine and prides itself on making things simple and straight-forward.

What is wrong? Where is the “human voice?” What are you talking about? This isn’t GUMP–this is a press release, not a conversation about mortgages or people and their needs.

I guess at least they started blogging. Maybe they will get better.

Here is a pretty decent one I read

New Apple Patents tablet at hrmpf.com February 3, 2006

Posted by Bill Rice in technology.
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Is Apple bringing us a tablet? Damnit, I just abandoned my HP tablet to get the power and grace of the new Mac. New Apple patents. Oh well. Note to self: work harder, make more money, to buy the latest technology!

Sounds very familar to what my boys say: “Daddy works, to make money, to buy me toys 🙂 I wonder where they get it from 😉

Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger » Deliciousing February 3, 2006

Posted by Bill Rice in new media, technology.
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Scoble’s comments on Del.icio.us is exactly why I added my del.icio.us feed to my blog. So I could keep track of my ideas, thoughts, and interesting things to reflect on and you can too.