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Most Mortgage Blogs Miss the Point! February 3, 2006

Posted by Bill Rice in mortgage, new media.

This has been my industry for the last number of years–innovating technology solutions to simplify the process. So, I must say I am frustrated by my inability to evangelize the right way to enter the conversation. This is an embarassing example of not getting the point. Very surprising from a company that is a marketing machine and prides itself on making things simple and straight-forward.

What is wrong? Where is the “human voice?” What are you talking about? This isn’t GUMP–this is a press release, not a conversation about mortgages or people and their needs.

I guess at least they started blogging. Maybe they will get better.

Here is a pretty decent one I read



1. Rice’s Link Blog » Blog Archive » Presentation Zen: Lessons from the Cluetrain: Imperatives for presenters - February 5, 2006

[…] Presentations meet The Cluetrain Manifesto–when you are talking to humans, talk like a human. Notice I also highlighted this point in my quip on Mortgage Blogs. […]

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